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  • The Fold has a great selection of instruments, amps and effects to try out. Click For More
  • Record with an experienced team of sound engineers and producers. Click For More
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The Noisettes

Natty “The Fold Studios makes you feel warm inside… like cooked food. Energy is the most important thing in any studio and having worked in quite a few I can honestly say that no matter how posh the studio is, if it don’t feel right I can’t create nuttin. The Fold is a place for creation. The vibes r right, the people r cool”

Clement Marfo & The Frontline“There was great hospitality recording with the Fold guys. Good times and a cool vibe.”

Owen Powell (Catatonia, Duffy)“Sounds like an LA super-studio”

Speech Debelle“The best thing for me about The Fold is the vibe. It’s so comfortable, and that’s really important to be able to create…”

Akala“The Fold is a great place to make music, with a warm sound and cool tech staff. At The Fold you can easily forget what day/time zone your in!”

King Krule

Brother & Bones“On every level, working at The Fold Studios has been an undeniable success, for both myself and Brother & Bones. From string quartets and brass sections to live recordings on location, dual drum set-ups and anything else you can think of, we’ve done a lot together and it has always exceeded expectations. With a personal approach, The Fold are creative and innovative, tirelessly going beyond the call of duty to make music as good as it can be.  I genuinely can’t wait for our next musical exploit together.”

Rokhsan“When you record at The Fold, you become one of a team of dedicated, all for the cause, talented musicians/producers. They work with you to create the sound you want by involving their skills and ears as producers, whilst never overtaking the reins on your song. It’s always lots of fun because they create a really relaxing environment, where you can be you and anything goes. Long live The Fold!”

Bobbie Gordon (Adele / Ce Low Green)

Matt Park (Mystery Jets) “The Fold offers the perfect enviroment for all musicians, bands and artists of all levels. Highly professional yet very down to earth, the boys make you feel amazingly comfortable and the results are always top notch. The equiptment is second to none, the advice and critique is always spot on and the sound of the live room is awesome. At The Fold I feel completely comfortable and can’t wait for my next session. Get involved!!!”

Howl Griff - “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed recording at The Fold. Gareth and Ollie are approachable, knowledgeable, flexible and thoughtful, while the studio space itself is also a really pleasant environment to work in. Not only that, but whoever’s not on duty is always happy to make a cracking cup of tea…”

Felix Fabels - “We had an amazing time at The Fold. Ollie and Gareth are both fantastically musical recording engineers and really knew how to push us to give our best possible performance! Their input into the songs was priceless which really helped us take them to the next level and their attitude and work ethic is faultless. The results show in the quality of the tracks we’ve come out with – most of them sounded almost finished before any mixing at all!”

Susie Clarke – “The thought of going into the studio always filled me with dread in the past, I never enjoyed the experience, but working with The Fold changed all that for me. A seriously talented and dedicated team, who made me feel completely at home.. Ticks all the boxes if you ask me. I’ll be back to The Fold again and again”

Arcady Bliss“Ollie and Gareth are consummate professionals in, and indeed out, of the studio. Not only this but they are wonderfully creative with a fantastic ear for sonic detail and were extremely easy to work with. Seriously, the best recording experience I’ve had to date.”

Joy Mask“The Fold Studios is a great working environment with a fun but focussed vibe, superb gear and talented engineers. Ollie and Gareth’s attention to detail in terms of performance and sound meant that we could really relax, knowing that we were in safe hands musically as well as technically. A pleasure to record there!”

The Drop“Well pleased with the masters from The Fold, Excellent attention to detail and good dialogue with the guys beforehand”

Bear Response Team“Recording at The Fold is classic. Quality engineers and producers, Ollie and Gareth make you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst getting the best sound out of you in a professional yet vibey environment. Cheers chaps.”

The Stow“Working at The Fold is always a pleasure. Friendly, helpful and extremely talented musicians and engineers; they can relate to what you are doing and the sound you are looking for. I would recommend The Fold every time.”

Konnie Huq“Loved working at The Fold. Ace facilities and Ollie and Gareth, what more could one ask for?!
Massive big up to The Fold!!”


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